Can you use orange cleaner for bearings?

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I watched a vid about cleaning skateboard bearings & it recommended orange cleaner. How would it work on yoyo bearings?


What is the brand. What’s in it?


Sounds sticky


If it smells like oranges, yes.

I have no idea…

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Citrus cleaners/degreasers that contain terpene.

This is what I meant:


Anything that has the word orange in the name should be avoided.

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These cleaners shouldn’t rust or clog the bearing, right?

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rust? doubful. clog? possible. we use an orange cleaner called Goo Gone and its a jelly kind of consistency. I wouldnt use anything like that.

acetone is super cheap at any hardware store. lighter fluid can also work. 90+% isopropyl, but i recommend acetone.

take some of what ever you want to use and put it on a mirror or glass. what ever is left after evap is whats going to build up in your bearing decreasing performance.

The point is to get all that stuff out, everything. not put it in.


Yes. Acetone is the single best solvent to use for cleaning bearings. It cleans it very thoroughly and dries very quickly.

I used to use it a lot, but it’s very nasty stuff; not good to get on your skin even in small amounts. Thats why I now use methylated spirits. It does a good job.

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How bout shellite?


Shellite/naptha is an ingredient in lighter fluid, as in Ronsonol. So yes it will probably work. Why don’t you just get some lighter fluid or acetone. Or mineral spirits work well too.


I second the mineral spirits. I bought a can of it about 4 years ago just for bearing cleaning… I have not needed another can yet. :slight_smile:

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Zippo lighter fluid works best for me.


I used to use orange cleaner for my skateboard bearings, but I find it to be almost useless. I would suggest you use mineral spirits or lighter fluid, and use the paper method to clean while your waiting to buy some. I do have to warn you that it will leave some little fibers in the bearing, but I think it would play better than an uncleaned one. Hope I helped ye :wink:

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I’ve used many unorthodox things to clean bearings over the years. There have been times I needed to clean a bearing and didn’t have my preferred substance on hand. Many times the bearing worked well afterwards and on a few occasions to the contrary.

Kudos to the brave that dare to experiment.


I’m gonna echo the recommendation for acetone