Can you use acrylic paint on a popstar

Could u use acrylic paint on a popstar ??? if not what paint can I use.
THX :smiley:

Sure, but it wouldn’t be my first choice on a metal throw. I’d go more with an enamel like model paint.

So just model paint. how much money does it cost and where to get it

Anywhere that sells model cars, RC shop, hobby lobby, anywhere like that

how much does it cost

Depends on the brand. Testors is a popular brand of model paint, and they sell it at under $2 per .25 ounce. I’m sure better deals can be had on larger quantities, but chances are you won’t need much at any given time.

I suggest watered down Warhammer paint (Available at Games Workshops) and then applying it with and airbrush. But that’s just me ;D