Can newbreed be hubstacked?

Can the newbreed be hubstacked? And how to remove the cap of newbreed?

The New Breed can be hubstacked; in fact, just about every yo-yo can be hubstacked. The main thing is how difficult it is to hubstack a certain yo-yo. YoYoJam recently came out with synergy caps. They fit into the place the sidecaps normally go in and allow for hubstack style tricks. Unfortunately, synergy caps often cause the yo-yo to vibe or wobble but luckily the caps can just be pulled out if the vibe or wobble is undesirable.

How do you remove the sidecaps? The most used and safest way is to pull them out with a suction cup or a piece of duct tape.

If you really want to try hubstacks, just get a PGM. It’s fairly cheap, works well, and has hubstacks. I know there are other players in Singapore, so if you can find them, one of them probably has something with stacks for you to play around with.

You could try to put hubstacks on, but it would be very hard and wouldn’t work very well unless you know what you’re doing.

im from SG ;D

If you don´t have the right equipment and extraordinary modding skills you get synergy caps.