can it be happen.?

(system) #1

i have two china yoyo’s here.(the cheap and not durable one)
it is designed for 1A.
(but the axle system is like Yomega Brain Yo-Yo)
can it be possible to be a 2A yoyo?
i want to loop!..i mean like a raider or sunset trajectory yoyo.
it can be loop but it can be “sleep”

it it possible?
how many wraps i will make to the axle?


As long as its tug responsive, and will come back to your hand when more than 90 degrees from the floor, you can loop with it. But having a looping shaped yoyo will help you alot.


Yes, depends on the weight and stuff.
If it is pretty heavy then don’t loop it. See how the response on it is; is it very responsive or not at all. Not the clutch but how easy can you pull it up… try that. Other than that, test it out by First-Hand experience

BTW: If it isn’t bought directly from China then it’s cheap and stuff. If you bought it from a store in the Phillipines then it’s cheap and crappy.