Can Amish People Yoyo?

Random question… I got curious.

i would imagine they can. it’s not that technologically advanced, although i dont know if theyre allowed to use modern bearings… good question anyway. i would imagine they use bearings in their horse buggys… maybe only fixed axle or trans-axle lol

Only yoyos they made. Think about it, no computers, no malls, no modern stores, (walmart, target, etc) so how would they even find out about ball bearings, and transaxels.

I have family who live near a amish community see them at walmart alot buying things usually produce and twice seen them buying a doll for a little kid I would wonder more about whether metal yoyo would be ok and their buggies do have bearings.

well the “pure” Amish people have nooooooooo technology at all.

well if you mean like electronics when you say technology then yes but the deffenition of technology anything a person designsor makes so even a block of wood could be technology ask your tech teacher about it

I go to school in Lancaster, and from what I remember they buy their shoes, so they dont make EVERYTHING they use. I would imagine they do use yoyos, and like someone mentioned I have seen them at walmart and other stores.

wow, i really didn’t think about that. :slight_smile:

i really can’t imagine why not.

Yeah, it’s in the tree, you just need the tools to remove it!

A knife?

I have the stereotypical thought that they whittle, lol.

I whittle, and I’m not Amish. We can’t just make stereotypes of Amish people and pass them off as agreed stereotypes people! Neck beards and buggies are the pre agreed upon stereotypes of amish people. Let’s get this straight guys. lol

If hey can’t (Which I can’t see why they couldn’t) I want to take a bunch of throws to a Amish community during Rumspringa and introduce them to it ;D

Heck, I’ve seen them at McDonalds, but I don’t know if they were truly amish, then.

So, any amish people on the forum :smiley: ?

probably a wooden fixed axle but Ive got nothing against Amish people.

okay folks, I feel like the foremost expert on this topic. Born, raised, and still live in Lancaster County, PA. There are some very large amish/mennonite based general stores (that us normal folk also frequent) that sell some of the yomega and/or duncan stuff. So yes, I’ve seen some amish kids rocking fireballs, and even a Freehand 2. But I’ve seen more just with plain old wooden yo’s.

so transaxles, too, huh. I though maybe (no offense) that yoyoing is too… flashy? for them. I mean, they don’t even really wear stripes.