Caliper question

Ok my fellow mod friends, I’m looking into getting a Caliper and I was wondering, those that use them, do you prefer Digital or Manual better? Out of the two, what one do you feel is more accurate? I’ve never used one so I’m kind of @ a loss.

I only just bought my first set last week, and I’ve been modding for 5 years on machines haha.

I like my digi, most have a locking pin that you can tighten, if you preffer a more manual style.

I have a digital, but at school they are manual. I prefer manual because I always feel the digital will skip numbers and mess your measurements up.

I hear that, I’ve been modding for a year or so and just kind of eyeball it :smiley:

I was thinking the same thing that the Digi might “round” to the nearest number.

I use manual ones but I’m sure digital is more accurate.

I’m a fan of digital myself. The display is quick to read and shows the measurement down to three decimal places. There also aren’t really any mechanical parts to get screwed up with dust or chips.

im a fan of digital, accurate enough for the jobs being done

Well, yeah, they both get the jobs done.

I’ve used digital and manual for a long time. Don’t be afraid of digital. They work extremely well. And they are easier to read. I had a $150 manual caliper and my $50 digital was just as accurate.