Cal State 2017

Cal state yoyo contest is being held April 15th in Oakland.

Who’s going?

Sorry that this is off topic but it’s been so long since I’ve seen you on here! Nice to see you post again!

Just to answer the question:
I will not be going because I live no where near there :wink:

I’ll be there!

Oakland huh?

Jack London Sq.

Cool, I think I can make it. I always enjoy watching you guys are all awesome!

Here’s the link:

YoYoStringLab is sponsoring this year, so I’ll be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing some great throwing. We’ll have free stickers and sample strings to try out.

I wish…

Here are the results:

I’d like to say Congratulations! to our Yolex club buddy Will Hahn who won the 5A division again!

And a hearty congratulations to all the winners of every division. Good job one and all!