CAD experts help! (Rhino 3D)


Anyone uses Rhino 3D to draw yoyo CAD drawings? I have a drawing of a yoyo and I plan it to the machining shop to have it made on Friday.

The reason for this thread is because when I import the drawing into SolidWorks to calculate the weight, the program says there are gaps, in other words, its not a solid (I have already revolved the drawing)

It looks like this:

Or, if Rhino 3D cant be used, can the file format of SolidWorks be converted to g codes so that the machine can cut the yoyo?


When you use several lines to make a drawing where they meet has to be connected. It may look like they are but the CAD sees it as two separate entities. You have to convert it to a polyline

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EDIT: Scratch that. You didn’t use Solidworks. Sorry, but fjh has the best advice.


I used polylines to draw the 2D drawing and I just found a way to solve the problem :slight_smile: Just join the curves and lines using “Ctrl+J” :smiley:

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: