C3yoyodesign - Krown st - Blue w/gold & silver acid wash

Which side should I display in my case?  Vote left or right in the poll above, or comment your vote.

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1595/24708613261_397017fd2a_z.jpgKrown St by Splash Game, on Flickr

Krown st. available in the store here:

I like both, but I’m feeling more left. There’s just something about it… How about alternate between the side’s?.. :wink:

I like the right side, because the engraving is more noticeable. I know what you mean though, that left side has more of a fade to it. It’s nice too.

I have to agree on this one. They both look so good but that left side just has… something.

Gotta give it to the left side, its got a nice splash of color to it.