C3 Presents: World Champion Sora Ishikawa signature IX!

The latest model from C3yoyodesign is the brand new signature model of 2018 5A World Champion Sora Ishikawa! The IX!


The IX takes Innovation to the eXtreme! Get it? IX? Good. Sora has won multiple “Extreme Trick” awards in the past for creating some truly innovative moves that transcend styles. That’s why the new IX was designed as a sort of crossover yo-yo to bridge the gap between divisions. The IX was created for both 5A and 1A as well as 4A, and no other yo-yo on the market can offer that!

Sora’s unique championship level 5A style incorporates a lot of big tricks and huge bangers where a larger extra-wide yo-yo is extremely helpful, much like in offstring play. The wide profile gives the IX a huge catch zone for all those risky tricks and the mid-gap weight rings add that extra spin power while keeping the body more forgiving and bouncy on the inevitable 4A/5A drops. With the weight distributed so wide this yo-yo has a lighter feel on the string than it’s weight would suggest, with plenty of power to get through your longer combos.

The IX comes with three different spacers designed for 1A, 5A, & 4A respectively. Each spacer set adjusts the gap accordingly to set the yo-yo up perfectly for your favorite style!


Originally it said it was good for 3a too but I guess they took that out :joy:


I mean, I bet it’s playable by some standard but it would be quite the feat to say the least :smiley:

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Someone send me 2 and I’ll let you know lmao


After Hajime’s freestyle, lots of things that were considered “good enough” for 3a are now obsolete lol

The 3 sets of spacers, as I understood it, are: Widest gap (1A), slightly tighter gap (5A), and narrow gap (4A).

I guess you could play 3A with the wide gap 1A spacers if you wanted, but a yo-yo this wide would probably be a challenge!


Yeah for sure. Gotta be better than Popstars tho, I couldn’t do anything with those :joy:

5a spacers would probably be better than the widest ones.

Yeah…but how good is it for 2a?


“Good for 1A, 5A and 4A.”

-looks at diameter width and weight

“Good for 4A”

-looks at Sora’s vids-
‘‘Excellent for 5a.’’

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Given the beatings that 4A yo-yos take, I’m a little skeptical of this “good for everything” claim. A bit like claiming a demolition derby car is also good for Nascar racing :wink:

Anyone try one of these yet?