C13 has been acting up

So awhile back, maybe 2-3 months ago, I was playing my c13 like a mad man. With extensive use comes worn pads, which are playable for a while, but they began to slip like crazy so i took it upon myself to replace them. Not wanting to pay $8 for 2 tiny pads, I took the extra pads that came with my Chico Bulldog and put them in my C13. After doing it, a few days later i was throwing in the quad at my school when suddenly my c13 decides to go for a walk without my string. So i brush it off and blame it on the old string. Then a few days later im throwing in my house, when suddenly my C13 does its best Frisbee impression and goes flying off again.

So basically, is it the pads that are causing the cut, them being to low in the grove, or is it just the yoyo and needs to be shaved down. This was never an issue before i put the pads in.

thanks for your help

i’m not exactly sure. i would need pictures or a bigger explanation. how long do you change your strings? maybe try using rtv or flowable silicone instead of using the incorrect pads. that’s all i got.

I doubt that the pads are cutting the strings… Maybe something that the pads were covering. Do a general investigation of the bearing seat area and pad response area.

Try playing with your yoyo for a little bit (over a soft surface!), and try to find if you can see exactly where the string is being cut.

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