BvM2 Restock?


Pretty sure I’m gonna get a BvM2 when the colorways restock, but I may just end up getting a YYE edition… But I was wondering if they restock at a specific time? Like once a month or something? Also the YYE edition is just a black, red and white colorway, right? Like, it doesn’t come with different pads or a different bearing? I don’t think it does, just wanted to make sure. Thanks, guys!


Just saw this B/S/T:,61688.0/topicseen.html


Quote directly from a CLYW Facebook Post:

"More BvM2’s won’t be restocked until late July or early August.

Hope to release the Yeti in July, but we’ll see how things go with production before I give out a firm release date.

Enjoy the rest of your week and don’t forget to keep your stick on the ice!"

There is also a certain type of colorway which may be obtainable from a certain site of Canadian origin in the late of June.


thank you, it looks like I’ll be getting a YYE edition. Just to be clear, YYE edition is just its colorway, right? Not like special pads or bearing? Thanks again.


Yes, but it’s ugly. Why not just get one off the B/S/T and save some money?


I dunno. Maybe I will lol. Thanks again everybody for the help and advice!