Got the orange/blue splash in the mail about a week ago, and the bearing is broken in. On several attempts, I could only manage about 1 minute max on a good hard throw, and I’ve heard great things about the spin time of this yo yo. So… is there anything to mod it to make it less responsive and give it a longer spin time? Or maybe should i consider a marmot for my next yo yo if I am looking for a long spinner? How long can you get your BvM to spin? Any feedback is appreciated.


It doesn’t necessarily matter how hard you throw it, it matters how straight you throw it. You just need to practice throwing straighter. The BvM is a great yoyo, and 1 minute is a very decent spin time. Just keep practicing.


Do you know if it would help to put a couple of red shims on? I’ve also noticed its been a bit tug-responsive at certain points


Probably not. Working on your throw will fix your worries.


yeah mine can easily reach 4 minutes j ust work on a hard straight throw :wink:


Have you ever tried 3D Eli Hops? This particular yo-yo is designed exactly for that kind of play.

Go off plane, learn how to correct the tilt, and have some fun.

Modify you. The yo-yo will do what you say. Tell it the right thing to do.



I got that same yoyo and I did notice the silicone was raised and not recessed. So I took it out and resiliconed it. But this will only help with it being tug responsive, not sleep time.

I can get it to spin for 3 mins or so. It is not the yoyo, its your throw. Just keep practicing.
I remember when I first started out and I could only get a yoyo to sleep for 45 sec. but after a couple months your throw gets harder and straighter. Which will give you longer sleep times. Honestly a 1 min sleep time is long enough to do any trick. I wouldnt worry about it so much.