Buying from krish667

Great guy to buy from, fair price, and shipping was good and my Terrarian arrived on time and in brand new condition. Basically would definitely recommend to buy/trade from if they offer or has an offer


I got an awesome blood swirl g2 pelican from @krish667. I felt like I paid a fair price, he shipped it really quickly, and I absolutely love the pelican! I’d gladly buy or trade with him again.

Great seller, accurate descriptions. Fast shipping.
A++ would buy from again.

Got my Wolf and Cappuccino as well. Shipping was super quick, prices were fair, all totally legit

The only thing I was not completely happy with was the packing of the box. The Cappuccino loose in a plastic tube, and the wolf the same in a g2 box. They could be heard rattling around inside when I picked up the package.

Fortunately neither were damaged as far as I could tell, so please don’t let this deter anyone reading this from trading with krish.

I only bring it up incase anyone does a deal for multiple throws, or something pricy I’m the future. Maybe ask in advance if they could be properly wrapped and secured to avoid having a crappy situation for both parties.

Overall- Grade A dude to deal with, seriously. Thanks Krish for the throws, I dig em both .



I’ve purchased from @krish667 multiple times, fast shipping, good packaging. Would buy from again.