buy sell trade

I am selling:
yoyofactory Fast 201 (red) for this im asking $5
2 yoyofactory loop 1080 (red and white) for both I’m asking $25
3 adegle psg (pink green purple) for all three I’m asking $20
yoyojam inspire capless (lime green)for this im asking $45
yoyofactory new velocity (black with blue dial) for this im asking $7.50
yoyofactory b grade dv888 (black wth red splash) for this im asking $50
yoyojam big yo 2 (pink) For this im asking $15

please email me if you are interested or you want pictures at

Your bst will be deleted really fast without posting pics ( or at least a link to a photo sharing site) just a heads up :slight_smile:

^ what he said
Dont want to annoy you on prices, but why on earth would someone pay $50 for a b grade Dv888? You can buy a new on this website for less.