Bunch of Yoyos For Sale!

Selling some yoyos to offset some financials.

List, prices, and pictures are located in the Airtable link.

If prices don’t seem fair (I took my best guesses based on quick searches), please offer up.

CONUS preferred. If G&S, please cover the fees.

I’ll do my best to answer your DMs as quick as possible. I will usually get your tracking within a few hours (if not within a few minutes), get it shipped same day or the next day.

If the yoyo isn’t listed in Airtable (compared to the photos I’m adding on FB), it means it’s sold.

Model Name Colorway Price Condition
Shutter Black $35.00 NMTBS
Elite OG Black $90.00 Has scrape. Still smooth
Covenant Blue $75.00 NMTBS
Float Clear $35.00 scar that breaks ano
Kuntosh QV Black $50.00 Matching ding on rims
Boa Black $50.00 NMTBS
Gamma Crash Black $40.00 Ding
Bi Black $35.00 Mint
Eclipse Ayami $85.00 Mint with Box
Author Black $35.00 Mint
Bounce Orange $30.00 Mint
MachinaTion Black with Titanium Rims $70.00 NMTBS
Puff Adder Dragon Slayer $45.00 I believe it has a scrape, but I can’t find it.
Puff Adder Black $42.00 NMTBS
Joyride Blue $25.00 One Ding.
Umbra Blue Fade $65.00 Mint
Stealth Black Splash $30.00 Vibey. Scrape on Rims. Good EDC.
Focus Blue $35.00 NMTBS
Float Black $35.00 Scrapes
SugarGlider Black/Gray Halfswap $45.00 NMTBS. Comes with BOx.
Eclipse Black $40.00 Weird Ano defect
Coldfire Black $55.00 NMTBS
Manatee Teal $45.00 Comes with Box. Has some scrapes. Shown in pics.
Rhapsody Black $15.00 One Ding.
Hero Proto Black $85.00 Mint
Shutter Black $35.00 NMTBS
Submerged Blue Spruce $55.00 Mint
Banshee 18 Blue $45.00 J Grade. Scrapes and dings pictured.
Pelican Black $65.00 OG. A grade
Hella Ratchet Teal $40.00 MIB
Pelican 19 Blue Splash $120.00 MIB. A Grade
Reaper Black/Brown Acid with Pink Splash $120.00 Mint in box. A Grade
Respawn Proto V2 Terracotta red $100.00 Mint with Box



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