Buddy Jims Personal Stash (UPDATE MORE STUFF!!)

Pictures will be up Tuesday.

I have decided to part with my personal stash of string. It is some of my earlier work, and about 6 of them are looser than normal, but most of them are like my current work. There are 32 strings mostly Humboldt Honeys with contrasting colors like red and blue, blue and yellow, black and yellow, etc. I also have a handful of Mendos, and even one Sonoma Valley Girl. Basicly I’m asking 8 bucks + 1 to ship 9 dollars, and honestly I’m also cool with adding this on to any order for just. It’s a pretty good deal since an order of the same stuff would be probably $13 bucks give or take. Any payment will half to be by money order. I will also trade for an old beater YYJ Kickside.

Pic is up, and I am thinking I may have to do another bulk sale with my hero inspired happy packs.

Ok I like how this went so I’ll put pics of my stuff up. Like what you see? Offer away.

5 humboldts usually $2

Werd. So in the I made a batch of Sonoma Valley Girls over the weekend, and I hope to have a pic up soon. In the mean time just know there is a set of maroon and gold strings ready to ship $3 or offer.

Seeing as how the main Item sold I’m going to make a new thread and delete this one. Keep your eyes open for my next bulk trade. I will have 2 bundles up for grabs. I’ll see if I can get the new thread up tommorrow. Peace.