BST- these - par avion+ FS trades

Looking for these: also! One of them fancy smancy ano vtwo

specific colorways of Par Avion (one of my favorite yoyo)
images (1)

Open to trades with any of these for sale
Have better trades maybe for those or $$$

Here’s what I have for sale/ trade. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
All nmtbs thrown very little
MYY hotdiggity- 15 with another yo
MYY bi-35
YYR tm-40
YYR futura-45
OD legendary terrarian- trade only for now

Will sell the yyr tm and futura and bi and hotdiggity for 100 shipped

note about items - I work everyday so shipping can take a little time for me to send

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Pickle for some nickel

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Updated LF

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Will offer a reward for the aid of successful capture on these par avion

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Bring this baby home to mama

Bump :raccoon:

Kraka laka daken


Added SM PA

Added SM mib

On the hunt

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Added for trade sale

Added 5000qv hardcoat

Making my wants a little more realistic

just a little

Bump it up

I guess I have some collector tendencies…