Brian Lehrer Wowed by Yo-Yo Champion Pat Cuartero

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I searched the threads and couldn’t find anywhere that this was posted, so I figured I would share.


Wow, YoYo-ing has been in the news a ton.

(SR) #3

Interesting video. And yeah, I have noticed it has been on the news alot. They even made the Today Show a few days back… Thanks for posting this JM!



Is that a Peak he’s using?


Yes, That’s a Peak(new colors).

Look here:

Happy Throwing! =]


I’m pretty sure it was one of these:


It’s the first editon, second listed.


Hhmm, looks like the first listed to me, but I knowits a Peak, so thanks.


Umm am I the only one that’s never heard of this Brian Lehrer until now?


Oh my Goshness, you don’t know who Brian Lehrer is? ???

Me neither. ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I like that video, probably use what he said as a script when introducing yoyoing to my friends.