Brett Grimes Custom Painted OG BvM CLYW

Hey guys i recently purchased this gorgeous BvM from Brett Grimes. It was his first egg shell finish as he would put it " the one that started it all". I am looking to trade it for an avalanche i have a few already i will provide a picture of the colorways i already have. The Bear vs Man is very nice there is a very small mark on it that was on it when i purchased it nothing major at all. You may offer
Other clew ii am also interested in the new Bear vs Man colorways.
Feel free to pm me with offers.
Thanks Jon

I used to own that same BvM. It was originally a Shark vs Zombie Beaver BvM that was given to Sonny Patrick of Anti-Yo by Chris of CLWY himself, because Sonny named the colorway. Sonny traded it to me, and eventually i traded it to Jonny Johizzle Lee who traded it to Brett who later painted it! So, thats the History of that Painted BvM in case you were curious!

wow :o

Maybe I should keep it lol

lol you should. i enjoyed tht yoyo when i had it. before i traded it to Brett

yep, that yoyo has a rich history. and the fact that brett ended up painting it makes it even cooler. id say hang on to it.