Boss wallpaper (first one!!!)

my first own made wallpaper!!!

hope you like it :wink:

Yeah that’s cool, like the simplicity of it. :slight_smile:

thanks ;D

OT: lol changed u ur nickname





Ha ha. Anyway, that’s really nice. I like how you said who’s the boss now. You should do different colors also. Like if the Boss was blue with aqua blue caps maybe do the letters blue and aqua blue.

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black makes it looks so simple. not tooooo complicated ;D

that little watermark under the yoyo kinda bothers me, otherwise looks good! Maybe you can find a way to better integrate them with each other?

thats kool, I like how you made it very concise and simple

Please don’t necro posts. This is a few months old.

Wow that’s a really cool wallpaper. I like how it’s so simple.