"Bonkers Over Bearings" Thread

Does anybody else have an immense amount of struggle keeping your bearing in top performance? If so, comment on what you did to help!

I think people obsessively obsess about bearings. Put 'em in and forget 'em.


I love trying different bearings when I get the chance. It seems most of them play differently, albeit ever so slightly.

But, I really never mess with them. If they are about to die I will attempt to revive them.

I am ALWAYS having bearing troubles. I only obsess over them because d’aint working. If I could put’em in and forget’em, I would. And I have bearings that I DO just forget about. But I cannot play with a responsive or loud yoyo!

So to the OP: bearings drive me bonkers. I don’t WANT to be obsessing over them, and in fact as soon as a bearing needs maintenance (mainly for responsiveness… a drop of oil cures the noise) I just get frustrated. That’s not a fun part of the hobby for me! I wouldn’t say I care about “top” performance… I would say that I care about them not being responsive or screeching. :wink: That’s work enough!

My OD 10 balls are very pesky.

When I first started I was pretty obsessive. Now I don’t worry about them much. Some of them do get loud but they rarely get responsive.

I’m indifferent it seems, my bearings are more of a collectors item lol, I have t
A ton of spares and well I definitely don’t like a few types as they are loud and problematic so I just let it spin out as it should, when they get loud swap them out (I am currently a huge fan of the GenYo bearing.) then I’ll clean the problematic bearing and put it in the box for my next round of swap outs.

I only worry about them if I hear a change in sound when they are spinning. Simply clean em and pop them back in. As for purchasing new bearings, I tend to stick with CTs and CYXs. Love em and aren’t too expensive.

When I get time, I’ll go deal with the new bearings I get. I’ll clean them and then Dry Play treat them. I have plenty of spare bearings that have been treated and are good to go.

Otherwise, I just wait until a bearing gives me a reason to need attention and then I deal with it.

If I’m feeling a yoyo could benefit from a different bearing, I’ll mess around with bearings.

I play whatever bearing is in the yoyo until it plays responsive. Clean it, maybe some lube depending on the bearing, pop back in. I used to have major troubles, but now it’s fairly easy, and most of these are just YYF spec or CTs.