Blue 2010 Dv888 half for TRADE


I have a 2010 Dv888 yoyo half for trade for another 2010 Dv888 half of another color so i can have a half & half color scheme. if interested comment or pm. thanks.


I have a red 2010 dv888 that is in mint condition aside from one or two extremely minor scuffs. I would be willing to trade, a red/blue yo would be hot! :o


Did you trade already? I also have a red 2010 DV888. I would love to switch halves!


this guy doesnt reply to any of my PM’s, dont bother contacting him


well that’s not very nice >:( i just so happened to not have internet for awhile (and yes, im interested)


I pmed you. Still no response. Trade red for blue half?


sorry :-[, ive already gotten an offer. just watch out though, i may have more trades soon.

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