black knight

I saw the black knight and it looked prittey cool, I have 40$ so I can get one, but is this yoyo worth it ? I mean, how does it play? do the hubstacks on the side compare to a yyf pgm? please reply tiki-rex

There are no hubstacks on it,you might be confusing them for the caps.They dont play super well IMO but they are ok.I think a DM is a better idea for $40.

well sorry im just calling them hubstacs they do have things that spin inside them though and i have a DM…MACS ARE BETTER THAN PCs

^^ Lying is a sin. ^^

They don’t spin, they are just nubs like any other yyj, with a dent thing. Where did you get the idea that they spin?

it says that there are spinning nubs under the caps on the discripton right here on YYE

Is that what you are referring to? The spinning is when the yoyo is spinning, not the nubs. The nubs are stationary. They just have a dimple that you can balance the yoyo, but Andre balances his DM on his thumb in operation dark magic, so you can use any yoyo to balance the yo lol.

Well, it depends…my brother got one and he’s pretty happy with it. If you think you like the shape, go for it. That’s why he got it. He doesn’t like butterfly, and likes the rounded shape. But keep in mind there are better yoyos out there for $40.

And Macs are better than PCs. ;D

dude, i love you

the dark knights good but i still think dark magic better because of the size smoothness of play and plus you cam do a lot more with DM

I dont see how you can come to that conclusion, seeing as how they have the exact same diameter, almost the same width, same response, and very similar weight.

not the same shape though

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yeah, but if you lke speed, then speeder is for you.