Black and Yellow

Didn’t wanna waste the bad weather, lemme know what you think!

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Wow! How long have you been throwing?

Ummm… about 6 years I think.

This must be at least the third video I’ve seen called black and yellow. Good yoyoing though.

Just an fyi He’s now sponsored by string theory.

Nice video! Yet another good video to get a little more motivation for so I can push my own mediocre skills forward.

yo broham i love your style that was magic.

I only called it that because of the song, cause I’m not good with cool names for videos… Or anything. And I only chose the song because I thought I could make a good video with it.

was the thro a No. 9? Just guessing because it looks like it had white in the middle, and I love the look of the red paisley No. 9.

Nope. Red Bandit with Blue Splash.