BigYo2's uber tight gap

As the title says, the BigYo2’s uber tight gap is a major problem for me. It’s way too responsive even with a thin-lubed XL bearing. Any suggestions on how to make it less responsive?

Here’s a pic of the uber tight gap:

Are you using it for 1a? I think it potential will show if you use it for 4a.

Try using thick shims (stack them if you want to) to make the gap wider.

well the bigyo is better for 4A. if youw ant to improve it’s performance for 1A, get some shims(spacers) and widen the gap. or you can loosen the gap(not sure if the bigyo has an adjustable gap)

Sorry, I forgot to mention, but I’m currently using it for a bit of 1A. I have used it for 4A, and it’s awesome at it, but I also use it to teach my friend 1A.

I don’t think I’ll get myself some shims. Those things are mad expensive, and I’ve already lost 3 of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will silicone recessing it make it less responsive? I noticed that the o-rings take up a lot of the gap width. So I thought that filling the recess with silicone would make the gap a bit wider.

Well you could silicone it, but just widen the gap. If you want, you can take an old credit card or gift card and make some homemade shims from that.

Wait. You are teaching your friend how to yoyo 1a style with a bigyo? I hope this doesn’t affect him progression in any way. Its hard to use it for 1a. If he needs a bigger yoyo for 1a then get him a new breed.

you could silicon it but the main puruse of bigyo is offsttring