BigOregon's B/S/T Plaid Compulsion, Gnosis, General Yo, Battosai

I would like to sell or trade the following throws:

two scuffs IB Gnosis Orange (asking 75$ shipped)
MIB Torrent II + Pink/Silver (asking 105$ shipped)
Mint Mini Star painted by Vendetta (asking 75$ shipped)
Small flaws( pic 2, outter ring of yoyo, does not effect play) Battosai (make offer)
MIB MadHouse Compulsion Plaid w/ bag (115$ shipped w/ tracking )

all are smooth, if trading I would like smooth as well.
I am willing to trade across: 1 for 1 or trade up multiples of mine for one of yours if you have a nicer throw.
Make an offer to what you think is a reasonable price. I will include shipping WITH tracking for free unless it is shipped outside of US. Thanks.

  • Big Oregon


$$$ or make offer, worst I can do is decline


Mini Star (General Yo)

Torrent II

battosai hubstacked (note flaws on pic 2 on the top, smooth)

skywalker SOLD

Mothers day bump!

madhouse compulsion bump!

I still have the plaid compulsion for sale. I’d like 115$ shipped to us with tracking
It is in perfect condition and I will throw in some gen yo Kevlar glow in the dark some twisted x and some twisted a1 strings :slight_smile:

2 pics are of actual yoyo, one pic is example of what it looks like in light (took pics with phone)

Bump and price drop on madhouse down to 105$