Bias Towards Raw Titaniums?

Literally almost everybody I talk to prefers a raw Ti whenever the choice is given. Why? I, for some reason don’t understand this bias. Anyone care to explain why?

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ti = $$$

damaged ano’d ti = less $$$

flaws on raw ti can be buffed/polished out for the most part


Personally, I like the look of the raw ti better. Just feels industrial to me which I enjoy.


I got raw cuz I want to torch mine

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I like all yoyos


I prefer anno on ti.

I like raw titanium better because the anodizing is not as durable as I like. In addition, the colors aren’t as saturated.
There is absolutely no comparison to (hard) anodized aluminum in terms of durability.

Raw Ti feels amazing. I half regret getting a black Vayder specifically for that reason.

Visibility mostly. Yoyos are for playing, the brighter and more reflective it is, the easier it is to really see in the heat of the trick.

If only…

So many Ti throws are shelf queens, hella cats have a Ti collection that they just look at

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Its true, and I dont know why! I pretty much only throw ti


So elitist

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There was a time that I think titanium was more of a novelty. I feel that has changed. Companies are now using the potential of ti and the results are amazing. I also feel that this has made quality control on those yoyos better. Small runs, and you better not screw up a $300 throw, or your gonna hear about it.Ti changes directions faster and has potential for better spin time. Throw nothing but ti for a month. I bet you start finding aluminum boring.
I prefer anno on ti, because it grinds better. Looks pretty. I have plenty of ti yoyos that arent anno’d so variety is good. It makes the product feel more finished to me


I think both can look deeply cool depending on the situation. I thought the anno colors for the tivayder came out really nice. But I also can think of throws I love in raw.

Now if we’re talking bike frames, raw all the way. Ti bikes just look gorgeous.

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