Best CLYW's




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Since this is already gonna be moved I won’t say anything.

There’s much debate on “the best”. But it all boils down to preference. Like big yoyos: chief, like lighter yoyos: puffin. So it’s up to you and what you like. Because they all have ups and downs.




I have all of those but the collab models as I don’t buy the collabs.

Each is different and unique and has its own character.

What’s best? Depends on my mood on any given day or hour. I enjoy them all, I don’t feel I need to choose a “best”.




Cheif is chill, but is totally competition ready

Canvas is amazing

Marmot is just something special

Puffin is nice and wide and fast :smiley:


Just curious… How many yoyos do you have amd where doyou store all of them? I cant even imagine how much money youve spent on all of them. Even your son has a fair amount of throws, he lives the life :smiley:


They are in my “Case of Wonders”. After the CLYW’s are the One Drops.

A fairly complete inventory is right over here:

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What is your home address…? Also, do you have any dogs? I will require knowledge of any appointments you may have in the next few days, and where you store a spare house key :smiley:


Whats your sons favorite snacks? What are tour favorite snacks?

Whats your favorite flavor of chloroform?


Deja vu…




Someone else remembers! Yay!

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Yeah I was saving it for a different post lol