Bearing help please

Okay. My GM2 was being loud and annoying, plus it was increibly responsive and rough in the string. I can’t remember what kind of bearing I have, but it’s only like a $5 bearing (I think I’m gonna get a Konkave for my B-day next week).

I’m gonna put a drop of thin lube into my bearing, but… does it matter if I put the sides of the bearing back on?

oh yeah (sorry about the double post). What size of Konkave should I get for a GM2(metal)? “.250 x .500 x .187 in (For Large YoYoJam, and many metals)”?

Lube is important! I need some too :-X. It doesn’t matter if you have the sides or “shields” out of the bearing. Some people prefer to us a bearing unshielded. I personally can’t tell the difference between shielded and unshielded but thats for you to decide :D. Regarding the KK, I have no idea… never used one.

Happy Throwing!


I might need a new GM2 bearing. It was so dry that it took 3 drops of lube just for me to be able to move the ball ring inside of it.

yes the lrg yyj and other metals one will fit it
just a drop of lube though
if you over lube, it will just make it more responsive

I put in a drop and still couldn’t move the ring inside it.

3 drops got it to move roughly but still stuck
4 drops got it to move smoothly

Now it’s dead silent on unresponsive XD This should only last for about 15 minutes.

well if you just got it, you might have to break in the bearing for the niose, and/or break in the response to take off the responsiveness. putting on a lot of lube isn’t that big of a deal as long as it does it’s job without haveing to use up the whole bottle.
oh and before i forget you don’t have to duoble post. just press the modify button on the upper right corner that you wold like to edit.

Don’t be surprised if that bearing just completely locks up on you sometime soon. You might just want to go ahead and replace it.

i dont mean for you to not get it but, if your looking for a quiet bearing the konkave will make you go crazy