Bearing Cleaning 101

Hey everyone. Decided to try and do something creative, and here’s what l did. It’s a pic by pic bearing cleaning tutorial. Hope you guys enjoy. And any feed back is welcomed.

And then…

And lastly

Nice Guide

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I took the pictures and while going through the process of cleaning a bearing and my fiancé added the instructions or information on what to do. So it was a team thing.

not a bad idea, never thought of using rubbing alcohol, most of the time i just use acetone… BTW if you guys are ever using a strong solvent use a glass jar of some kind otherwise it will eat through the plastic.

Speaking from experience?? :wink:

Other wise you can use and old film canister or a plastic container used for perscription medications I’ve found that those a re pretty good plastic that it won’t eat through

I bought a contact lens cleaning case from Walmart, shallow enough to easily get the bearing out, and can do 2 bearings at once.

I use an empty 1oz Noodler’s Fountain Pen ink glass bottle to wash bearings in acetone. Does the job well.

seems like everyone has their own special way of cleaning their bearing.

I stick mine in a sock bag and throw it in the washing machine.
Unless there is already a load going.
Then I just throw them in the silverware holder in the dishwasher.


For real?

Depends on the plastic. Acetone won’t eat through polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Check the recycling symbol to see if it’s the right type of plastic. Prescription medication bottles and film canisters are usually PP so they should be fine.

Absolutely! and if the dishwasher is being used I put them in the ball washer at putt-putt

I figured I’d bump this so people can find an easy way to clean their bearings if they don’t already know how to.