Beach House and Yoyos

My newest video.

It was shoot on my family’s annual vacation the the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Yoyoing at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.
Beach House’s name - Dunewood
Resort’s Name - Corolla light Resort
Yoyos - 86400 and Shutter
Song - Stay Awake
Thank to everyone who helped me with the video.

 Nice job!  I like how you never used an angle more than once, and you have some good tricks in there, even though the wind got in the way a little  :).
 By the way, your videos should be in the video section and not the trick section.

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Why two threads?

accidentally put this in the wrong place the first time

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Real nice vid! Love the combo’s and the angles. Keep the vids coming!


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Not bad, not bad at all.



Great vid

One thing: practice popping out from reverse gts :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting vid. I like the background.

thank you