Nehemiah’s video:

My video Darnell:

i was torn till i heard the o so familiar sounds of scary monsters and nice sprites

Darnell. Nehemiah does to much of the Hippie Dance, although his last trick was really cool

i cast my vote for nehemiah peterson

Darnell all the way. Although Nehemia’s vid had some sick Behing the back…

nehemiah… just plain epic :o

Darnell has more flow, but the inclusion of some small mess-ups plus the bad lighting kind of ruined it for me.

Nehemiah had more tech and successful combos but the originality was lacking as most of it was someone elses trick.

Both could use work, both are progressing players who have great potential.

But Im gonna have to vote for Nehemiah on this one. Although from what I can see, Darnell has a much more flowy style.

Both of you guys have awesome names. Very cool.

You want us to do a speed battle? :wink:

this is hard because I neer vote before, but darnell is like the speed type, and Nehemiah is like the techy type, my vote for Nehemiah