Battle Topic

I don’t know if this what Ebinballer was talking about but,

I think we should have a Topic with just all Battles in it. It’s made for battles.

Like Samad’s, if we put a new topic Samad’s and Mine could go in there

I think it would be more orginized. You could be searching for Samad’s for acouple minutes but, if we have the Battle topic it’s much easier to find.


This definitely does not belong in this section.

And bye!

yep, this has nothing to do with YYE site improvements.

Ahh. Sorry i thought i was in Unrelated Discussion.


Ah…not really. It takes me about 10-15 seconds to find the tournament and your suicide contest through search. 30 seconds at most.

I agree. Also, with one topic, it would be less organized, with too many videos, me editing, and everything. I’m gonna continue doing things my way - Sorry.

This was kinda what I said- Like samads tourny but i can challenge random people. yes, I can see how we shouldn’t make a SECTION but if there was like a Battle STICKY or something i think it would work.