Battle: Me V.S. Gemotrical





I thought yo _ adam was better. But Gemotrical was still great :slight_smile:

(SR) #3

YO_ADAM had better tricks, but I loved the style of the video, the music, and filming of Gemotrical’s video. Unfortunately, this is a battle to see who had better tricks. So I went with yo_adam. You both did a great job, and Gemotrical, your video was crazy good too!


I see you’re enjoying the SEVERE, Yo_Adam. I think Adam won with the sheer quality of his tricks, and I liked how it was pretty much one shot.


You are aware my whole video was done in one take, right?


That is all.

(202andrew) #7

Gemo’s was just amazing. Adam, your 1a was the best i’ve seen from you. It was close, but gemo just had some better tricks.


Hey Yo_Adam, Is Gentry one of your influences? Your style reminds me of some of the stuff he does, and it’s really cool.

Gemo’s vid was my personal fave however, really good filming and tricks.


ITS A TIE SO FAR!! i really cant say who won because i know adam and his tricks are really good, but it would have influence on how i would vote, so yeah

(JosephP) #10

Did you guys do the same trick at the beginning?


Yo. Adam. Better stuff, i liked his stlye a little better


Not at all my first trick was the same as this videos first trick.