Batch of super cheap beaters & minties (Orbital GTX)

Currently trying to downsize my collection. Got a few throws for sale, some well used, others brand new or barely used.

  • First is this brand new Duncan Orbital GTX bimetal - black with gold rims. I already own three of these and just never opened this one so figured I’d let it go. - $65 shipped

Next is this lot of 6. None come with boxes. I’ll let go of all of them for $70 shipped with 6 extra strings.

  • Yoyo King Ghost bimetal - silver - mint $40 shipped

  • Magicyoyo April - Black Green with Silver Splash - 2 or 3 barely noticeable marks - plays great still with little vibe - new bearing - $15 shipped

These next ones are so inexpensive so I’m only selling these as a lot to save on shipping. The last 3 are heavily used beaters with quite a few very small marks and nicks. They are mostly cosmetic from the yo-yo hitting my ring on return before I learned not to wear it while throwing and don’t affect the play much if at all. $20 shipped

  • [Amazon] Developing Intelligence 3/4 size mini yo-yo (Yoyo Contest Cachet) - mint/only thrown for about 5 minutes - $5

  • Magicyoyo V3 black - heavily used with quite a few cosmetic marks - still plays great - $5

  • Magicyoyo Node - black - same deal as above - $5

  • [Amazon] Smart U/Beboo God of Death - Black - same as above $5

Also open to best offers or trades, but not sure if anybody that has something I want would want any of these haha

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How low can u go on the orbital gtx ? Pm me




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