Basselope or 54

so i want to buy either a basselope or a one drop 54. i normally like small yoyos like the 888 or speed freak but if theyre good i like big yoyos. I like to do whips and fast tricks. The 54s are not in stock and i only by from YOYOEXPERT. But i could wait

I would prefer the basselope. Its amazing. I got a chance to use it today, and I fell in love with it. It is very stable, it never tilts, and it spins over 2 minutes. Very great for grinds and fast play too !

54, no contest. The Bassalope in my opinion is fast, but has a thud when you throw it and is heavy on the string, not smooth at all. The 54 is fully customizable so you can make it very floaty on the string, very smooth, hard hitting, fast, and much more just by switching out the side effects. The 54 I have literally spun forever, I just kept on doing trick after trick and it never spun out.

I have a Bassalope and I tried the 54. When I tried the 54, it felt… normal, actually. Plays just like any other yoyo, in my opinion. The Bassaloppe however is floaty and really awesome. Love it.