Banned(Forum Game)


Banned for thinking billybobs was a yoyo store


But, that was a quote from someone else, not me. Therefore, you have also been banned for a false accusation of a fellow yoyoer.


I think we’ll be the only ones on this thread, Erik. :smiley:

({RTD} alecto) #6

youve been banned for thinking that way…


Banned for yoyojam :-\


I literally posted it 11 minutes ago more will show up.

Banned for not being optomistic


Banned for not wanting to be pessimistic


Banned for not being pragmatic


Banned for not putting space between Eric and Bell


BAnned for using the same avatar as yoyo143


I just posted in here because I KNEW that someone would remember that and bring it up LOL
Who should I change into next? JK

Banned for not using the same avatar as someone else


Banned cause JK is gone


Banned because your favorite trick is not a real trick. It says “the spinny one”


Banned for not having a signature


Ur favorite yoyo is the Cliff? Banned cuz it’s discontinued


Banned for your favorite yoyo being plastic


Banned or having numbers in your username!


Banned for having a YOLO signature, depreciating as it may be ;D


Banned for being named Chuck


banned for yoda quote