Back selling/trading some throws. LF: Diptych!


Most of these are in near perfect condition and include original packaging. Interested in: sand or clear Diptych! (Hmu, i got cash and nice trades that arent pictured). Also looking for WM1, Capstan, Sparrow, Nomad, other fun organics, and good kendamas. Prices are in parenthesis and include US shipping.

Top left to right:
Fast 401k (20), Gazer (22), Yeti 2 (17)
Benchmark O 2014 (20), Rebirth (sold), green and purp halfswap Big dipper (18)
Cypher (24), Skyva, Moonshine (30) -will send both axles/bearings
Acro (25), Banana Ham (69.69), Joyride (19)


Updated with prices


How much for the Skyva to the UK?

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