BAC thank yous

BAC 2010 was AWESOME!!

Here is my best attempt to convey my gratitude:

Thanks to all sponsors who donated so much to help run the contest: YoYoFactory, Duncan, Pocket Pros, YoYoJam, Rec Rev, Dif-e-Yo, YoYoExpert, Yomerica Spindustries, Tom Kuhn, Emigrette, SaveDeth, General-Yo, SPYY, CLYYW, Crucial, One Drop, WERRD, Barking Spider, Infinite Illusions, YoYoNation, Self Edge, Steve Brown Gallery, MadHouse, vs.Newton YoYo Concepts, HSPIN, AYYA, NYYL

Thanks to Nathan and Paul my co-organizers
Thanks to Laurie Harris and Jason for running the registration table
Thanks to Gabe for filming
Thanks to Cappy for his concessions stand
Thanks to JUDGES!! BdeB, Escolar, Spencer, Johnnie, Yoshi, Nathan, Box, Thad
Thanks to the Atomic Cow and the Bride of Cow for running music
Thanks to Chris Garcia for the excellent halftime juggling show
Thanks to Dave Bazan for creating the legend that is the BAC
Thanks to the weather.

Thanks to everyone of you who showed up… I am grateful.

BAC, the legend continues…