B vs m vs b vs m 2


Anyone got a pic of an original bvm next to a bvm 2? I’d like to see that


Send me a PM to remind me, I can do those tomorrow night.


Images, as requested:


Did this address your inquiry?

If other side by side comparisons are wanted, PM me.


^^^^ wow, the silver and green looks so much better to me. Im guessing the bvm1?

(SR) #5

The silver and green is the BvM2, not the original. The original is the red and blue one.


That is correct.

The one on the left is a grey with green and white speckle 1st run BvMr2 purchased at CalStates 2013.

The one on the right is an original BvM, Shark vs. Shark colorway. It was bought used via BST here.

You can see the newer bears little resemblance to the original.


I get it! :smiley: