Austin Cook: Snowy Side Up


Enjoy the new video and have a happy thanksgiving:3




Great video, the music was iffy. The tricks were sweet and the quality was just as good as you can get. Good job Austin.


As always I really like your trick construction! :slight_smile:
Also, ignore Zorro, frankly, I don’t understand why people have to make comments on music selection if they dont like it, cause no opinion is asked! :-
Very enjoyable, and I like the filming location too!


Thanks dude and its okay not all music is for everyone :slight_smile:


Thanks so much dude really appreciate the support and its okay dude not all music is for everyone thats why we have vanilla and chocolate :slight_smile:


Sweet vid again man. Love the trick construction and the hops. Keep them coming!


you know i always do dude :smiley:






no reason to bump any threads in this subforum, honestly. anyone that cared to watch it probably watched it when you posted it.


True dude :slight_smile: i just bump my posts sometimes when im bored i dont know why :slight_smile:


Bro, don’t be a douche. It’s his vid and his doing a bump once a day, which is within the rules. If he wants to try and get people to check out his tricks, then more power to him. Maybe some people missed it when he first posted and now might come across it when he bumped it back to the top. Take care. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the support dude i really like that i have people to stand for me and its not like i’m mad at anyone we all have an opinion here :slight_smile: lets just be happy and play with yoyos :slight_smile: