August 2013 - Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Post your entries for August 2013 in this thread!

Originally we wrote that last month (July) would be the last month we will be using the ‘Thank You’ system to award a ‘second’ winner. However we decided to extend this one more month through August to prevent confusion or anyone being upset.

Starting the month of September we are going to instead switch to ‘one winner’ chosen by the YoYoExpert staff as their ‘favorite’ picture of that month to win. Again - this only starts now in September. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Definitely the best thing. Do doubt about it

It really does catch dreams!

just posting so i can find later to post! :slight_smile:

Sintel the Chameleon’s Domain.

My daughter and I came up with this idea ;D

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laundry x YYE x love


Yo-Yo’s and scooters, that’s all I need.

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FREE Wi-Fi ! I can order up a new yoyo , while I wait for my train !

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^ This is an awesome picture! So far, it’s definitely my favorite. Such a great location to put it!

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Too bad that won’t make the people getting on 3 end up at YoYoExpert HQ.

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Yoyo pirate=legit ;D

Can’t upload photo.

Yo yo protection its the best tool I have on my duty belt. Teaching kids to yo yo not violence. Sorry have to cover the shield.

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Ahhh run it’s the fuzz!

Today was my first day if school. Some people ridicule me for throwing but forget them. Yoyo player and dang proud of it.

1 of my master arts

Here’s my longboard that I built myself. Had a thread about it a while back. Now it’s decked out with YYE!

Took all of my yoyoexpert trading cards and made a wall of fame! :smiley:

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