Attack of the yoyos!!

I am stuck. Should i get a DV888, Boss, Wooly Marmot, or M1?

Tell mo have which one you would pick if you got to choose one for free, and why.

Thanks Im counting on you in this life or death situation… JK maybe not life or death, but it would mean a lot to me.

For free? None of those.

I’m more than happy with my old Lyn Fury, I don’t see any reason to upgrade from it.

Though, I wouldn’t mind getting me a Japan Technologies Kamui, My old Panda’s getting up there in use, I could use a better offstring throw.

It seems these are all undersized, so you’d have to choose between the shape here.

If you like flat rimmed, Get either the Dv888 or M1. The Dv888 if you don’t like skinnier yoyos, the M1 if you do.

If you like a round shape, go for the BOSS.

If you like both of these combined, go for the Wolly Marmot.

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