Ok this is my first time every posting a forum! But after the night I had yesterday I felt like my opinion must be heard by all who are will to read what I have to say about the assault ok now this is my story…. I’m a 18yr old who just graduated high school and I’ve been yo-yoing for about 9-10 months and my first yoyo I actually won in a contest at one of the libraries I go to, it wasn’t a very big deal to me but after seeing the professional perform all those cool tricks I decided to give it a try. So I ended up buying the black magic yoyo because they said it was a great beginner and intermediate yoyo to start with, and I was content with it until yesterday. When I met this family who was on vacation for there son’s birth and they where playing pool and I notice that there was a yoyo on the table and being the curious person I am. I asked who was the yoyo person to my surprise I thought it was the kid but turned out to be his dad instead. And to my surprise he turned out to be very skilled and even taught me some things. But what really caught my surprise was when he pulled out the orange yoyo. Which was truthfully wonderful, I have never in my short time of yo-yoing ever help a sleeper for more than 4min, but what really surprised me was that was able to land some of the tricks in minutes they weren’t perfect landings but it was a huge difference compared to the yoyo I had. Doing tricks with the ASSAULT was fun and makes me want to continue yo-yoing. Using this yoyo made the first 3 months when I started yo-yoing look easy in just a matter of hours. Which was good in my book cause I don’t really get to practice that often when I was in school cause of all the studying I had to do!.. To me I think if I had that yoyo right when I had started I would be at a higher more advance skill level and another thing this yoyo comes with a curved in bearing making which gives it it’s longer sleepers (because of the curve inside the bearing the string has a hard time reaching the edges ).
All in All
• I really like this yoyo
• It has a very longer sleep time
• And because it’s not big and bulking it makes for faster and more stable string tricks.
I give it 2 thumbs up

Good to hear you found a yoyo you like. C=

Glad to hear other people finding out about yoyomamma yoyos. I’ve been using them for a while now.

you should really consider a blitzfire from yoyomama(you’re gonna want a yoyo with hubstacks sooner or later.) It’s a very smooth yoyo and plays like a dream. in my opinion yoyomama is the best way to go. cheaper yoyos but very nice.

So, i just read about yoyomamma’s yoyos on the internet somewhere today. I have been a big buyer of aoda and auldey yoyos and those are okay for their price but they wont do for me. How would compare YoYoMamma with Aoda and Auldey? Ive heard that the YYM Blitzrieg is similar in shape to the 888. How does it play compared to the 888? Im sorry if these are a lot of questions, but im looking for cheap yoyo’s like this that are truly LEGIT. thank you, pillowite

I agree, might get another one soon because min has no response pads and vibes from all the scratches. So if i were to buy one which of their yoyos should i get.

The only one that i have gotten was their first one the polycarbonate no name one. It had crazy Vibe no matter what i tryed and was realy easy to over tighten. I love their concave bearing though its better then a centertrac IMO I use it in my Eneme. I have heard lots of good things about their metals though will probably be picking one up when I figure out which one i want more.

My black “onyx” I think now it’s called, had some vibe too but it was because I put the spacers in backwards, after I fixed that the thing played great. I decided to get the clear too, it’s shape is a little different and seems to play a little faster. It comes with the same bearing and the clear has a prism effect and changes different colors…pretty unique.

get the assalt yoyo from yoyo its awasome

Does the assault have the same 10 ball concave bearing the blitzfire has? That bearing is incredible.