Asian pop to Goofy Hop

Little thing I have been playing around with not yet finished just a fun little idea. If anyone can help me with my gopro hero 3 settings I would love it, Do not know why its so bad of quality…

Maybe the lighting is affecting the quality?

Loved it

Make a tutorialll this tricks doppe

I can try, will be hard to slow down the speed since It really relies on momentum but Ill shoot one up today just for you, you can add me to FB and I can send it private if you want even, names Brandon Bole my pic is me with a hat holding pokemon lol

wait! is your name Randy Savage or Brandon Bole? I’m confused…

Its Brandon Bole, Randy Savage is a wrestler who died a bit ago I liked as a child lol

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A little closer would be cool. Could barely catch the actions

Yes your right about that, Ive gotten if figured out pretty well now, I made a tutorial if you did not see so if your trying to see what all happened better its up on here!