artwork my gf and I did waaay back

She Illustrated the girl, I did the text, yo-yo and all the funky orange stuff.

This was done sometime 2011-12 when I was starting a yoyo company called yoyomachine.
The yoyo’s name was “weaver”. I played a lot of DOTA back then, and Nerubian weaver was my favorite.

We had a blast making the promo stuff, it was great.

(sadly, the yoyo company died due to lack of quality machinists.We did get to release and sell some, it was fun while it lasted)

That is a cool picture. Good work by both of you on it. It’s too bad about your company not working out, but it’s neat to have stuff like this leftover.

I am really impressed by this design.
You both did an amazing job :wink:

Thanks guys! I would’ve loved to continue this endeavor,
but it was either this or finishing college, and I chose college.

I guess this is just me trying to get over that first failure.
I did put a lot of work into the project, but things don’t always work out the way we want them to.

I’ll leave you guys with this one, thanks for appreciating the art.

Those are sick ;D

Wow, they are!