Around 5$. What to buy?


Hey guys. I’m going to place a yoyoexpert order today because of the sale. I’m going to get a g funk for 40$ (btw, do you think thats a good idea?) and then i’m going to get a bottle od thin lube for 5$. That totals 45$. That means that if I get a 5$ thing on yoyoexpert i can basicly get it free with the sale. What do you think i should get?




Yeah. Thats what i was thinking too. Or i could just spend another 5$ and get a starbrite thingy.


strings or maybe a bearing :stuck_out_tongue:


Get some string. If you already have string, get some response pads. If already have those too, then why not spend $5 more and get another yoyo. You’ll end up having to pay $49.50 plus shipping if you decide to get a starbrite. It’ll be like you paid $4.50 for it and you’ll get two throws instead of one!


Ya i think im gunna get a g funk, a bottle of lube and a starbrite.


Cool, and yes, its a good idea to get a G funk :wink: it looks way bigger in pics, just be warned… And, BE SURE YOU LIKE THE SHAPE! Its a way different shape, I like it.


Ive never used one with that shape. I guess ill see.


They dont sell the Starbrite anymore I thought… :-\


No the sale today is 10$ for a starbrite. I think im gunna order tomorow (cuz the sale’s tomorow too)


Oh I thought you meant the StarLite… Whoops!