Are there yo-yo contest in ohio?


??? Hello if you live in Ohio and you are a yo-yoer do you know any yoyo contest in Ohio.

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Steve Brown is working on one in June or July. is his club website.  Not much there yet, but it’s going to happen.

(M²) #3

I’m with ya man. I’ve been looking for some contests in OH but can’t find any.

(Mitch) #4

wowzers… Were getting some more OH yoyoers on here… Where you guys at? Im in Lancaster, bout 45 minutes south of Columbus…

But I dont think we have a contest here but there is MER

Its in Michigan… Im gonna be there


Here’s steve’s club website:


if you are from ohio say i



o h I o


Try searching the forum for Ohio or something. Looking at the recent threads, this topic was directly above (or below, I can’t remember) the following topic:,13406.0/topicseen.html