Are there yo-yo contest in ohio?

??? Hello if you live in Ohio and you are a yo-yoer do you know any yoyo contest in Ohio.

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Steve Brown is working on one in June or July. is his club website.  Not much there yet, but it’s going to happen.

I’m with ya man. I’ve been looking for some contests in OH but can’t find any.

wowzers… Were getting some more OH yoyoers on here… Where you guys at? Im in Lancaster, bout 45 minutes south of Columbus…

But I dont think we have a contest here but there is MER

Its in Michigan… Im gonna be there

Here’s steve’s club website:

if you are from ohio say i


o h I o

Try searching the forum for Ohio or something. Looking at the recent threads, this topic was directly above (or below, I can’t remember) the following topic:,13406.0/topicseen.html