Looking to trade 2 of these 4 1 of the remaining 3 Orcas. The only one for sale is the Zip Zap Rap. List of wants is at the bottom

Near Mint - Zip Zap Rap Orca ($130)
The only damage on the Zip Zap Rap is tiny. I do not have a high-quality camera, so I am unable to get a clear picture of the damage.


Mint - Galaxy Quest, Maiderade, Harrison Hurricane Fade Orca


Wants (in order of ‘want-iness’)

  • Scout (Pink, Mystic Lake)
  • Puffin 2 (Maiderade, Space Blizzard, Northern Lights, Green Apple)
  • Arctic Circle 2 (Maiderade, Harrison Hurricane, Cryo, Jack Rabbit)
  • BvM 2 (Harrison Hurricane, Northern Lights, Ash Berry)
  • Sweets Solar Fade (brand new only)

Open to all offers, but not all will be accepted.





Harrison Hurricane Fade is no longer available.

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